Countertop Estimator Guide

Countertop Estimator Drawing Guide

The home is by far one of the biggest and best investments one can ever make, and it is but natural to make sure everything within it is as how you want. Today’s building techniques offer a wide array of possible materials that can be used on each corner. Whether you are just starting from the ground up or redecorating, you are sure to never run out of options.  One of the most famous materials that can be used in various places in the home is granite, which has found itself primarily used as a counter top material. Granite is remarkable for its durability and heat resistant properties, as well as its ability to resist scratches and stains. It is beautiful and comes in different venations, specks, and swirls, as well as functional in that it helps prevent against mildew and mold. One can easily say it belongs to the kitchen, where these properties are readily useful.  However, a granite countertop is a serious investment in itself, and though granite cost is not as prohibitive when seen against the more expensive marble countertop, one should have a clear plan on how they want their countertops to be made.

This consideration is where the countertop estimator drawing guide will help you. This is essentially a worksheet that is used to create a preliminary measurement of your desired countertop, so that you may obtain an estimate of your project. The countertop estimator drawing guide is meant to give authorized professionals an idea of the project you have in mind, which will then be reviewed in order to give you the precise cost. This will be additionally determined by different variables of your choosing, from the surface color to the edge profile, as well as varying design options.  The countertop estimator drawing guide also contains some sample kitchen configurations that you can use in order to make your estimation easier, ranging from gallery and L-shaped countertops to U-shape granite countertops. The countertop estimator drawing guide also comes with a handy computation guide so that you can have the total square feet you need. Any bar tops, backsplashes, islands, and peninsulas are taken as separate sections.

Once the guide is submitted, a team will conduct an in-home inspection in order to verify the measurements, layout, and special installation requirements. Once everything is set, the delivery and installation of the countertop will now take place, complete with faucet holes and sink or cooktop cut-outs. After these simple steps, you are now the proud owner of a new and beautiful kitchen piece!