Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you provide free estimates?

We provide free quotes to all customers with no obligation to buy.

How do you keep a counter-top free from any damages or cracks?

Though granite is very strong and sturdy it is important to keep any heavy items off the counter, make sure to use a cutting board when cooking, and make sure that you avoid using household chemicals and cleaners off the counter.  All these will help to ensure the life of your counter-top.

How do I keep my counter-top from wearing and staining?

There are several steps that can ensure the quality of your counter-top. Make sure that you place something under hot items, avoid any spills, and make sure that you properly clean the counter-top after use.

When should I have my counter-top sealed?

The first time that a counter-top is sealed is when it is installed and then anywhere from six months to two years it should be sealed again.   You can either do it yourself by buying the sealant at a home improvement store or contacting a professional.